Dr. Julie Cantor
is an expert
on issues
at the intersection
of medicine and law.

Julie D. Cantor, M.D., J.D.

You've seen the headlines: A woman is arrested after giving birth because a drug screening test was positive.  A state law eliminates religious and philosophical objections to vaccination, while leaving medical exemptions in place. A court orders a pregnant woman to submit to any and all medical treatment her obstetrician deems necessary.  A statute restriction abortion access raises questions about the rights established in Roe v. Wade.  An expert with deep knowledge of both medicine and law needs to unpack these kinds of situations, both with clinicians and the public.

Dr. Cantor does just that. A faculty member at the UCLA School of Law, commentator, and graduate of Stanford University (BA / MA), UC Berkeley School of Law (JD), and the Yale University School of Medicine (MD), Dr. Cantor offers unique perspectives on issues that traverse law, medicine, and medical ethics.  When she lectures, Dr. Cantor draws on medical evidence, case law, history, and art to create multi-media presentations that navigate cutting-edge dilemmas, leaving audiences with a deeper understanding of complex cases and a firmer grasp on potential solutions.

She is often called upon by the local, national, and international media to comment on issues that arise at the intersection of law and medicine.